Perfect Dinosaur

Hello! I'm dinosaur


Hello! Call me Parfaitsaurus / Parfait(s)!
Am an illustrator / designer in both work and hobby.

I draw a mix of fanart and original artworks using both digital and watercolour mediums. Am into a few anime / manga / game series too. Most of my time online is spent fangirling.


currently mostly busy with irl work & pets
semi-actively posting art on twitter / pixiv
working on "branding" and developing art style

2019 is sort of a break year so art progress will be slower
+ changed to a new art handle & am phasing out the old one

Convention Status
Currently on indefinite hiatus from boothing after Doujima 2019.
Next convention / boothing status undecided.

Art Portfolio

more info TBA!

Personal Projects

more info TBA!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ section!

Where can I find your art?
Currently I upload new artworks and sketches mainly to my art twitter @Parfaitsaurus or my new Pixiv account. Feel free to browse there!

Do you do commissions?
My irl/work schedule is a little unpredictable sometimes so all commissions are currently closed at the moment. Watercolour commissions are closed until further notice.

Do you have an online store?
Not at the moment, since I do not currently have new doujin merchandise available. If you wish to purchase a doujin item I have previously made (prior to August 2019), please feel free to contact me via Twitter.

Do you still paint with watercolour?
The main setup + lightbox for a full watercolour work requires time and space which I don't currently have, so I haven't been painting consistently in recent years. My old regular palette has also deteriorated over time and am currently exploring palette alternatives... So tl;dr yes, but getting back into consistent watercolouring will probably take a while.

Will you go back to Instagram?
Maybe. Maybe not. I'm not feeling too attached to my old IG account at the moment, so if I do decide to go back, it'll probably be with my new handle on a new account. At the time of writing this, I do not currently have an active IG account.

Will you go back to boothing at conventions?
Really unsure on this. Am currently on indefinite hiatus from boothing (since Doujima 2019), as it's been quite stressful to squeeze the deadlines in on top of my regular work ones. Definitely no plans to booth for the rest of 2019 though.

Merchandise wise, I'll still consider making them, but maybe sell them in an online store instead.

Why did you change your art handle?
There's many reasons. Picking a new art handle and "starting afresh" brings back my drive to draw more again. Besides, I think the new handle is cuter and am really loving the dino theme! 🦖

Terms of Service

TOS section coming soon!